My name is Josh Ross. I am a commercial portrait and still life photographer based in Los Angeles and Portland.

I went to the California State University of Northridge and got a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. For 10 years I worked as a graphic designer and occasional retoucher. I handled projects from concept to completion ranging from a few hundred pieces to a quarter million pieces, and I loved it. I excelled at solving problems and providing solutions that clients loved all while coming in under budget and over expectations. I loved press checks, and I loved the smell of ink on a freshly printed project. I loved finding sustainable solutions for projects, and I loved pushing printers past what they thought could be done. I was passionate about the work I did.

Then I picked up the camera, and I started cheating on my first love. When I started shooting pictures I felt like the journey I had been on since high school was starting a new chapter. I love connecting with people, and the camera provides an opportunity for new connections every time I pick it up.

So, if you have a project that requires a deep connection and understanding as well as the technical and artistic skills I can bring to the table, then let's talk. Let's make magic together.